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Update: September 19, 2017

Groundbreaking Ceremony You're Invited! I'm excited to announce that the official groundbreaking for the Performing Arts Center is scheduled for Monday, October 2. Please join us as we celebrate this milestone.

Out and About on Campus This time of year I try to get around to all the schools to see the students and staff. I was able to make it to each of the schools food service program where I helped serve food to the students and some staff.

I'm always amazed as I watch our food service employees manage to serve several hundred meals at each school in a timely fashion with a smile on their face as they greet each student who comes through the line.  Our food service employees really are the best!

I was also able to visit Mrs. Fluet's 1st grade class as their VIP Guest. It's great to get into the classrooms, especially to meet some of our youngest learners. This visit was a Q & A with me. See their write up click here.

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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!

It was a busy summer at MSAD #51 as we completed a number of improvements to our facilities...

At GHS we reconfigured several spaces to better accommodate our student population and programs. A few major changes include revamping the previous Industrial Arts workshop into a STEM space which has added a Robotics, Technology, Science and Woodworking classrooms to align with the district's STEM initiatives. Additionally we converted the cardio room into an alternative education space and reconfigured our life skills area to increase space for those students. Finally, we repaired the concrete walls and rebar in the mechanical room of the pool.

At GMS some tile work was completed in the bathrooms.

At Mabel I. Wilson School there was a significant energy project which installed heat/AC pumps in classrooms as well as revamping the ventilation system, new heat controls and valves and electrical upgrades all proving an enhanced space for teaching & l…