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June 19, 2017

Thank you
I am grateful to the MSAD #51 community for its continued support of the district budget and the 2,000 students who benefit directly from this support. Schools are the backbone of our community and the community is the backbone of our schools. Neither can be successful without the other. Thank you to our community for funding a high quality educational system for its youngest citizens.

Employee of the Year
Last year, the district implemented a new employee recognition program where any MSAD #51 employee could nominate another MSAD #51 employee. In its second year, 49 nominations were received. A panel narrowed the field to 5 finalists before deciding on the 2017 Employee of the Year:

Brendan Bernard: Special Education Ed Tech, MIW
Jeff Brookes, Grade 5 Teacher, GMS 4-5
Yana Davis, Science Teacher, GMS 6-8
Bobbi Goodman, School Counselor, GMS 6-8
Barry Saunders, Music Teacher, GMS 4-8

The following was written by a student about the 2017 MSAD #51 Employee of the Year, Barry Saunders.

GMS Teacher Barry Saunders, 2017 Staff Member of Year
“Everybody says that he is one of their favorite teachers. Many of us look forward to stepping into the classroom each week. He is a very lovable teacher and after interviewing him, I found out some compelling facts.”

“He has a very effective way to engage students in their learning. His strategy and philosophy revolve around the idea that he wants to share his passion with his students. He cares about his students and wants to share his love of music by introducing them to more genres of music and engaging them as much as possible. He wants music to inspire students like it has for him.”

“He is a very outgoing person, so it’s no wonder that he plays saxophone in multiple ensembles, as well as in a band called “The Road Trip.” He takes his music very seriously and even travels to perform. He is a great success here at MSAD #51, just ask his fellow teachers. He has been nominated by his colleagues as one of the top 5 employees of the year! He is one of our most victorious teachers and we are all very grateful to learn music from him!”

Congrats Mr. Barry Saunders!

Skyping with a Writer

6th graders skyped with author Erica S. Pearl, novelist & picture book writer, researched her books & brainstormed questions for her as part of their library/media classes with Mrs. Hall-Riddle.

Students Meet Justice Thomas
Several GMS students met with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas while presenting National History Day projects in Washington, DC in June.

GMS students meet with Justice Clarence Thomas at the US Supreme Court

Congrats Girls Tennis- State Champions!

Girls Tennis Team takes state title, pictured with Coaches Caswell & Daily
Boys Tennis Awarded Class B Sportsmanship Award

Community Responders Event
Thanks Cumberland PD & FD, North Yarmouth FD & Rescue and Maine State Police for introducing rescue vehicles to our functional life skills students across the district.  Many thanks to Kristen Marks, GMS instructional strategist, for organizing this event.

Emergency Responders showed students from Functional Life Skills classes emergency vehicles

Congrats & Thank You to Our Dedicated Staff

Staff Retirees in June 2017:
Jeff Brookes, Grade 5 Teacher, 39 years in MSAD #51
Wes Franklin, Art Teacher, 35 years in MSAD #51
Kelvin Hasch, STEM/Industrial Arts, 
Deb Pinkham, English Teacher/Dept. Head, 41 years in MSAD #51
Theresa Cameron-Raymond, Grade 1 Teacher, 23 years in MSAD #51
Paula Slipp, Transportation Scheduler, 15 years in MSAD #51

Brookes, Jeff.jpg
Jeff Brookes
Wes Franklin

Kelvin Hasch
Deb Pinkham

Cameron-Raymond, Theresa.jpg
Theresa Cameron-Raymond

Paula Slipp

10 Years of Service:
Kathie Bradeen
Melissa Fowler
Heather Geoghan
Karen Hutchinson
Emily Kearins
Kelly Keyte
Cynthia Lasher
Amanda Martin
Daria McGillicuddy
Beth Snow
Edith Taylor
Deborah Wentworth

20 Years of Service:
Katherine Dexter
Sheila Mayberry
Dena McFarland
Mark Phillips
Scott Poulin
Daphne Sprague
Rebecca Tuttle

30 Years of Service:
Leanne Brainerd
Jan Treadwell

40 Years of Service:
Ken Marks

Congrats & Thank You to Board Members
Thank you to our three departing Board of Directors for their dedicated public service to our students, district, and community:

Martha Leggat, Board Chair, 6 years of service
John Simpson, Board Member, 4 years of service
Mike Perfetti, Board Member, 1 year of service

Martha Leggat

John Simpson
Mike Perfetti
Wrestling Star
Congratulations to GMS student Marshall Fowler. Marshall took up wrestling this winter
and did GMS proud. Because GMS does not have a wrestling team, Marshall joined the
Portland team. During his rookie season, he had 16 wins and one loss and placed second
at the regular season tournament. He contributed to the team’s overall 7 and 1 record and
wrestled as an individual at the 2017 New England Youth Classic Wrestling
Championship in April.

                 Happy Summer!