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Message February 22, 2016

1. As our district continues to evolve as a support for students in the area of technology, I would like to share a morning of technology training at GHS before vacation that was led by our own teachers. Topics included interfacing instruction with photoshop, Pear Drive scanning, iMovie, Notability for the iPad, YouTube, Google Classroom and 3-D printing.  Many thanks to these teachers who led sessions for their colleagues:  Gregory Greenleaf, Jen Michaelis, Don Legere, Wes Franklin, Heather Perkinson, Jeff Masterson, Erin Pollock, Kelvin Hasch, and Susan Inman.  Our school-based technology teams continue to provide support to their colleagues in each of our four schools, and the model of interfacing our library/media centers with technology has taken root under the leadership of district technology director Dirk Van Curan.

2. Also on the topic of technology, parents and students at the annual incoming freshman orientation night were provided information about the district's move …

Message February 1, 2016

1.  It was a pleasure visiting several 3rd grade classes recently to experience their "wax museum". Students dressed up in costume to depict their chosen famous character from history, sports, politics, or another field and read or recited information pertaining to their character.  Students exhibited many facets of 21st Century learning while engaged in this exciting project:

Creativity/ Innovation
Critical Thinking

2.  The Girls hockey team ended their regular season undefeated, taking in only 18 goals during the season's 17 games.  Great job to the Lady Rangers for their stellar performance.

3.  The state conducted a review of our Local Entitlement (federal special education funds) and determined that our accounting of these funds was among the best in the state.  Many thanks to Scott Poulin, Julie Olsen, Sue Walls, Christine Girard, and Jenn Stults for their outstanding management of these resources.  This review came after our FY 2…