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Message January 3, 2017

Ecomaine awards MSAD #51 $4,500 for efforts at composting & recycling, thanks district environmental stewardship committee for all their support in bringing new "green" protocols to our schools!

State assessment scores for the new Maine Educational Assessment (MEA) recently were released by the Maine Department of Education.  Overall, percentages of students proficient were low across the state, especially in the areas of ELA and math.  MSAD #51 students scored high when compared to students throughout the state, ranking in the top 10 in ELA, math, and science.  

ENGLISH – Top 10 in Maine Falmouth Public Schools, 80.64 percent Mount Desert CSD, 80.58 percent
Yarmouth Schools, 79 percent
Baxter Academy for Technology and Science, 78.38 percent
York Public Schools, 73.75 percent
RSU 51/MSAD 51 (Cumberland), 72.81 percent​ (#6)​ Five Town CSD, 72.66 percent
Scarborough Public Schools, 72.19 percent
Cape Elizabeth Public Schools, 71.8 percent
Penobscot Public Schools, 71.15 percent


Message December 5, 2016

All 4th and 5th grade students will participate in “The Hour of Code” during technology class the week of Dec. 5th. This is an introduction to computer science to help nurture their problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. As an extension of this week, students and their families are invited to attend The Coder Express from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesday, December 14, 2016 in the Greely Middle School cafeteria. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in computer programming and coding activities using iPads. Students are encouraged to wear pajamas and bring stuffies and blankets as they take part in a fun evening of coding. Thanks in advance to our Greely PTO for providing cocoa and cookies. This is in line with our Strategic Plan action step around STEM.
All sophomores participated recently in Challenge Day, a national program that helps build relationships between students and promotes empathy as an important tool in combating bullying and bias. Many thanks to all of the …