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Message June 20, 2016

1.  The school year ended on a great note.  Here's a few of the highlights:
MIW staff dance the kids away...for the summer, that is.  On the last day, all students were invited to an assembly where they watched a video of their teachers and staff dancing the school year away in a funny video on YouTube titled "Can't Stop This feeling, Wilson."  The kids were laughing and obviously very impressed that their teachers and principal could actually dance.  Oh, yea, and the superintendent had a good move or two, too!          The video is linked here: Can't Stop the Feeling Wilson, Starring MIW Staff.  Check it out!
GMS 4-5 students showed off their talent at their annual talent show.  Lots of laughter, jokes, musical numbers, skits, and fun accompanied this final assembly.GMS 8th graders presented their science projects, including topics such as Orbital Maneuvers, Compression Forces, Lightning, Concussions, Dry Ice, and Potato Batter, among many other topics.GMS 6-8 als…

Message June 6, 2016

Graduation week came and went.  What an exciting week of senior projects, Class day, Candlelight Service, Graduation, and Project Graduation.

Photo courtesy WGME
One event that was added this year was the 1st Annual Senior Walk.  Most of the seniors participated, marching through Greely Middle School and Mabel I. Wilson School with their caps and gowns, being cheered by all of the students in the district as they waited in the halls for the seniors. Lots of high-fives, fist bumps, hugs, and tears accompanied this wonderful event, as the seniors re-connected with former teachers, saw their siblings, and enjoyed the magical moment.

Below are two media stories covered on the Senior Walk:

WGME Channel 13
WCSH Channel 6

The Class of 2016 is accomplished in so many areas and has a huge list of awards to showcase.  But I would be remiss if I did not mention that a member of this class, Matt Pisini, was awarded the highest academic honor this country has to offer, the U. SPresidential Schola…