Message February 1, 2016

1.  It was a pleasure visiting several 3rd grade classes recently to experience their "wax museum". Students dressed up in costume to depict their chosen famous character from history, sports, politics, or another field and read or recited information pertaining to their character.  Students exhibited many facets of 21st Century learning while engaged in this exciting project:

Creativity/ Innovation
Critical Thinking

2.  The Girls hockey team ended their regular season undefeated, taking in only 18 goals during the season's 17 games.  Great job to the Lady Rangers for their stellar performance.

3.  The state conducted a review of our Local Entitlement (federal special education funds) and determined that our accounting of these funds was among the best in the state.  Many thanks to Scott Poulin, Julie Olsen, Sue Walls, Christine Girard, and Jenn Stults for their outstanding management of these resources.  This review came after our FY 2015 audit was virtually flawless with no accompanying management letter.  This is unheard of and much to be proud of.

4.  The leadership team continues to develop the FY 17 budget.  The district office leadership team met with all principals and directors twice during the last month to review new program proposals and each school/program's budget details.  We continue to work through the new program requests, prioritizing and validating their link to the Strategic Plan.  As we complete the budget's initial draft, the finance committee will then begin looking at it.

6.  The Initial Stakeholder group held their final meeting today, wrapping up the work of the teacher and principal evaluation model.  Many thanks to Sally Loughlin and her team for all the hours spent developing a practical system for our teachers and administrators to use.  The next step is a steering committee which will oversee the implementation of the newly created system. 

7.   The Creative Collaboration class at GHS recently donated $1,600 to local charitable organizations, including $700 to Firefighters For Kids, $200 to Greely Bright Spot Fund, and $700 to the Cumberland Food Pantry. Thanks students and co-teachers Kelvin Hasch & Maureen Holland.

8. GMS 4th and 5th graders have been working on a school-wide goal of conducting good deeds. The school reached their goal of 500 slips in the "Fill the Bucket" challenge, earning a Crazy Hair Day.

9. Sally Loughlin and the Evaluation Initial Stakeholder group held their final meeting, ending months of work on building an evaluation model for the district's teachers and administrators. The next step is to transition the initial stakeholder group into a steering committee which will oversee the implementation of the new model. Many thanks to committee members who joined Sally: 

Lauryn Howard, MIW                                                        
Jane Conley, GMS 4-5        
Clare Harrington, K-5                                                  
Jane Crowley, GMS 6-8                                                              
Mary Hinman, GMS 6-8 
Patricia Mullen, GMS 6-8 
Dina Lattanzi, GHS
Julie Opperman, GHS
Joan Guild, GHS
Grace Leavitt, GHS
Susie Robbins, MIW
Jayme Jones, GHS
Cyndi Lasher, GHS
Karen Campbell, Board of Directors
Pete Wilson, community member

10. The Greely Girls basketball team celebrated the adoption of their newest teammate, 6-year-old Kinzie Frey, who is battling childhood cancer and was adopted by the team through the "Friends of Jaclyn" foundation. Kinzie's honorary status as a team member means she will be on the court side for many upcoming games and practices.