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Message August 3, 2015

Many people ask what school administrators actually do in the summer.  Even though students and staff are on vacation, summer is a very busy time of the year for administrators as we gear up for the new year.  This includes hiring new staff, developing schedules, assigning students and staff to classes, planning agendas for opening programs, orientations, and professional development days, meeting with various individuals and groups, and catching up on our own professional learning.

As an example, the GHS leadership team met with Principal Dan McKeone and Asst. Principal Jayme Jones for two days last week to review their plans for moving the school forward with regards to proficiency.  The school continues to make progress on many aspects of their proficiency plan with the assistance of Great Schools Partnership and consultant Reed Dyer. 

At the district office, we continue to process superintendent agreement requests.  To date, we have received 47 requests, including 42 to attend MSAD …