December 21, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Foundation 51 raised $10,791 at their annual Fall Fling, which is used to fund grant projects for classrooms throughout the district. The PTO "Parent Power Appeal" brought in $10,270 for a variety of events and field trips and their Box Tops for Education drive has raised $1,900 so far. Thank you to both of these organizations for their continued support of MSAD #51 schools!

The GMS Color Guard has steadily increased its enrollment over the last couple of years, with over 50 participants now in the program.  Many thanks to all of the students and coach Carrie Begley for their terrific routines in supporting the Greely spirit.  Recently, the district was pleased to support this program with funding to purchase new jerseys and flags.

Our athletic advertising account has accumulated $9,000 this fall, thanks to the many business partners who support our schools.  The athletic advisory board, led by chair Eliza Miller, has opted to use these funds to purchase new equipment for our newly renovated fitness room at GHS.  Thank you to all of our community supporters who pay for advertising. has released its rankings of all schools in Maine:
  • MSAD #51 is 4th best district in Maine with grade A,  #558 in United States
  • Greely High School 5th best high school in Maine with grade A-
  • Greely Middle School 6-8 4th best middle school in Maine with grade A
  • Greely Middle School 4-5 5th best elementary school in Maine with grade A
  • Mabel I. Wilson School 7th best elementary school In Maine with grade A-
Martha Leggat, Gigi Sanchez, Scott Poulin and myself met with Pete Bingham, Bill Stiles, Tom Gruber, Bill Shane, and Heather Perreault from the Town of Cumberland as part of our commitment to regular communication with both towns regarding budget and capital expenses.  The town provided information on tax projections, bond schedules, and capital projects, which was very helpful as we begin planning for future capital projects through the work of the facilities committee.

Had an opportunity to visit the 7th grade classes of Shirley Storey-King and Anne Murdoch as they invited in several Muslim students who currently attend Lewiston High School.   It was a wonderful and enlightening discussion about their younger experiences living in Africa and their inspiring insights about America.  A great cultural experience for our students.

I would like to offer my very best to Karen Bubar, who will be moving on from the principalship at MIW to Kennebunkport Consolidated School over the holiday break.  I wish to thank Karen for all her accomplishments over the years in service to the students.